Drupal is a community, not just a CMS.

Donetsk is one of the most progressive IT cities in Ukraine, which combines companies and world-renowned experts. All IT people have one thing in common -  love for specific technologies they are working with. And Drupal is not an exception!

Drupal is an open source content management platform, designed to give developers convenient and functional tools, and enable them to create websites of any level of complexity. Drupal powers millions of websites and applications around the globe, including the White House of the United States and the state portal of Germany.

But any technology would be useless without people, who support it and use it. Drupal is not just a content management system, it is primarily the people, who develop it, use and support it, share experiences and help each other. Drupal community in Donetsk has more than fifty members. Some of them are active members of the global Drupal community as well.

Various events are being organized by the Donetsk Drupal Community. Drupal Cafe is a  regular event, which usually includes 3 sessions, presented by community members. Coffee breaks between the sessions give attendees an opportunity to have conversations and freely share experiences and ideas.

Code Sprint is another type of event. Attendees get together for a big part of the day and contribute code to Drupal core, modules or Drupal.org. This is a great way to spend time, meet new people and learn something new. Drupal 8 looks scary? Not during the code sprint, where there is always someone to help and explain!

These events happen thanks to the efforts of the volunteer organizers, and with the support of the local companies and organizations, such as Exadel, Ciklum, Izolyatsia platform, who kindly provide space for events.

DrupalCamp is a bigger event, which attracts over a hundred of attendees from all parts of Ukraine, and other countries as well. It is usually a two-day event, full of sessions and presentations. The previous DrupalCamp happened in Donetsk in 2011. Next one is coming soon!